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Message from CESDA Chair


Hello CESDA Members,


Here we are once again to another school year to support and guide our students into another journey of life.


I want to thank all of you for supporting the work that CESDA has done over the years and looking forward to another wonderful season.


I want to thank Maria Castro Barajas for her dedication and leadership for the 2016-2018 years. This year’s 2018-2019 change of leadership will continue to guide CESDA to another level of reaching out to the schools and other community organizations.


Through these efforts we will connect and re-connect by using CESDA different branches of the organization to find innovative ways to make a difference in today's educational youth and the community by creating resources for members and students such as: bringing back the College Awareness and Planning (CAP), developing the Directory, connect with other colleagues by having a CESDA Professional Development Summit, provide fundraising activities, celebrate our high school students who receive the CESDA scholarship and at the end of the school season is to invite everyone to the CESDA Annual Conference.


I hope you will join us in this journey to create an exciting time for the CESDA organization.


Yours Truly

Sharon Simmons



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