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CAP (College Awareness and Planning)

The purpose of the College Awareness and Planning (CAP) team is to is to provide college access and outreach for the CESDA organization at many events/venues and Colorado high school events each academic year.  Our main outreach tool, the CAP Presentation is presented by various CESDA members by request from organizations and high schools in addition to the following annual events:


  • CESDA Professional Development Workshop

  • CCHS/CR Annual Conference

  • CESDA Annual Conference


Each year CAP presentations are given to several thousand students within Colorado, in hopes that they will continue their education and this outreach model is designed to help personalize the college planning process by covering topics centered around (but not limited to) the college selections process, basic financial aid facts and timelines and introduces students to many academic and student services programs from various types of institutions in the state.  The goal of the CAP presentation is to introduce students to the college planning process and allows students to ask college representatives questions about all types of Colorado higher education institutions and programs, rather than focusing on one individual institution. In person CAP Presentations are done per request (Click Here)

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