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In this economical climate and low funding in higher education across Colorado it is impressive on how CESDA has been able to adapt and self-sustain its reputation and success over 40 plus years. 

In the early seventies, a group of concerned individuals began brainstorming ways to increase the numbers of students of color that were attending and graduating from Colorado colleges. In 1972 the Colorado Educational Services and Development Association, Inc. was born, and in 1974 CESDA was formally organized as a non-profit corporation and registered with the Colorado Secretary of State.

In the thirty plus years of our existence, our work has not changed much. CESDA is still committed to making sure all students know the important facts of what it takes to be admitted succeed in college. In addition, we have expanded to reach wider audiences. CESDA also strives to present information about college to students who traditionally may not have been aware, including the economically disadvantaged and first generation students.

CESDA is a network of representatives from more than thirty post-secondary institutions, including two-year community colleges and four-year colleges and universities. In addition, our membership includes several education-oriented community agencies. Our vast experience with the college process makes us experts in this field, and it is our goal to make sure underrepresented students benefit from this knowledge.

One way to achieve this goal is through our College Awareness and Planning (CAP) team. Each year CAP presentations are given to several thousand students within Colorado, in hopes that they will continue their education. This information is presented on the students' home turf, usually at their high school, rather than on a college campus. This approach helps to personalize the recruitment effort. Once a student enrolls in college, a CESDA representative is available to help mentor them through graduation.  The CAP presentation is one way to fulfill this mission. 

Each year CESDA awards several students a scholarship to help, defray college expenses, provide vast information on the financial aid process, encourages students to engage in pre-college programs, and hosts a College Symposium for high school students. In addition, our members are active with other organizations whose goal it is to see students succeed, including the Colorado Council on College and High School Relations and the Colorado Association of Financial Aid Administrators. 

Increasing educational opportunities for all segments of society is vital to our state's future. CESDA exists to make sure a diversity of ideas is prevalent in the business world, and we invite others to join our quest.


We thank everybody for your support!



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